Mount Gong Ga Pilgrimage Trek


Mount Gong Ga, altitude 7,556 meters, is the easternmost peak above 7,000 meters in the world. It is located in the Da Xue Shan Mountain Range of Sichuan Province in central China. It is one of the three most important sacred places in Tibetan Buddhism and is revered by locals for its mystical holiness. Locals often call it the “King of the Sichuan Mountains.” To trek around Mount Gong Ga is akin to taking a sacred pilgrimage on holy grounds.

Mount Gong Ga is just a day’s drive, about 300 kilometers, from the city of Chengdu in Sichuan Province of central China. The pilgrimage trek itself takes 5 days and travels through some spectacular scenery of forest, rock, and river. Several Buddhist temples and devotional sites are also passed along the way. The pilgrimage takes place at a very high altitude as all the campsites are between 3500 and 4100 meters. The highest point on the trek is about 4800 meters. The trekking season is from late April to early October with the most popular trekking season in July and August.

gongga.png(View of Mount Gong Ga )

Mount Gong Ga Pilgrimage Itinerary

D1:Arrival in Beijing, China

Check in to our hotel and get settled in. Gear check. If time permits, visit a local sight of interest. Prepare for the next day’s travel.

D2:Travel from Beijing to Kangding


Fly from Beijing to Chengdu (2.5 hours) and then take a private vehicle 6 hours to Kangding where we will lodge for the evening at a local hotel.

D3:Kangding to Shang Ri Wu Qie

After breakfast we will set out by private vehicle to start of the trailhead from which we will trek approximately 15 kilometers to the today’s campsite at Shang Ri Wu Qie. This is an exceptionally beautiful start to our trek as we hike alongside a small flowing river and have magnificent views of Mount Xiao Gong Ga and Tian Hai Zi, both above 6000 meters. We will campout along the river.

D4:Shang Ri Wu Qie to Mo Xi Gou Wei

On today’s trek we will reach the highest altitude of our excursion at about 4,830 meters as we trek a total of 10 kilometers through the highest pass of the journey. Today, if the weather cooperates we will have spectacular views of Mount Gong Ga. We will camp out at the end of the Mo Xi Gou Wei Valley near a small river.

D5:Mo Xi Gou Wei  to Xi Kan Pasture

We will continue to follow the river for 10 kilometers through the valley and arrive in a beautiful grassland pasture area that is used by locals to feed their yaks in winter. In the pasture, we will find a suitable spot to camp out. The scenery on the way to the pasture area is very spectacular as it passes through a lush forest before evening out to the Xi Kan Pasture.

D6:Xi Kan Pasture to Xia Zi Mei Village

On today’s trek of about 12 kilometers we will stop at the Gong Ga Temple, one of the three most holy sites in Tibetan Buddhism. The temple is also arguably the best place to take pictures of Mount Gong Ga. From the temple, the trek continues to Xia Zi Mei Village where we will stay with a Tibetan family in their rustic inn. We will enjoy their local cuisine and warm hospitality.

D7:Xia Zi Mei Village to Shi Mian

We arguably save the best for last as today’s scenery is simply jaw dropping. As we walk along the Ba Wang Lake we will have amazing views of the surrounding mountains and forests as they reflect in the water in a mesmerizing mirror like image. After hiking roughly 12 kilometers to the end of the trail, we will drive to Cao Ke village were we can enjoy hot springs before our private transport to our hotel in Shi Mian.

D8:Shi Mian to Beijing

In the morning we will leave Shi Mian and drive approximately 6 hours to Chengdu. From Chengdu we will fly 2.5 hours back to Beijing where we will enjoy a luxury meal before settling into our hotel.

D9:Contingency Day

In the case of inclement weather or other reasons, we will reserve one contingency day.

D10:Departure from Beijing

You are free to head back to your respective destinations at any time on this day.


(View of Tian Hai Zi)

(Gong Ga Temple)

View from Ba Wang Lake.png(View from Ba Wang Lake)


The cost of a 10 day trek of Gong Ga Shan is 3,000 USD per person for a group of 4 or more.

The price includes:

  • a professional English speaking guide
  • an assistant guide, all necessary porters and support crew
  • all necessary group equipment (tents, radios, satellite phones, etc.)
  • all necessary permits
  • accommodation at a 4 star hotel in Beijing 
  • all accommodation and transportation after arrival in Beijing
  • 3 meals per day and all necessary non-alcoholic beverages after arrival in Beijing

The price does not include:

  • China visa fees
  • transport to and from Beijing
  • food and beverages outside of the 3 meals per day
  • alcohol
  • personal climbing gear (including sleeping bag and sleeping pad ~ technical climbing gear is not necessary)
  • personal climbing insurance

NB: A minimum number of 4 clients is necessary to carry-out the trip. We look forward to our expedition together to trek Xiao Gong Ga!