Four Sisters Mountain Trek


On the Summit of Peak One

A trek of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One and Two is the trip of a lifetime because of its striking beauty, Tibetan feel, and its great challenge. This trek is located in the charmingly beautiful Northeastern corner of Sichuan Province in Central China. This trek has it all from an experience with Tibetan culture to the chance to trek two times above 5,000 meters. The trek to Peak One summits out at 5,025 meters and the trek to Peak Two summits out at 5,276 meters, both of which are classified as moderately difficult. Best of all both Peak One and Peak Two are conveniently located very close to each other and so can be trekked on the same expedition. Two 5,000 meter peak treks in nearly a weeks’ time is quite an accomplishment!

Four Sisters Mountain Peak One and Peak Two can be climbed virtually any time of the year with the majority of climbers climbing between May and November. The best time of the year to climb the mountain is in October and November because this time of the year has the most predictable precipitation pattern.

2491528550282_.pic_hd.jpgView from the summit of Peak One of the surrounding area

Four Sisters Peak One and Peak Two Trek Plan

D1:Arrival in Beijing, China


Check in to our hotel and get settled in. Gear check. If time permits, visit a local sight of interest. Prepare for the next day’s travel.

D2:Travel from Beijing to Siguniang town (altitude 3,100 meters)



Fly from Beijing to Chengdu (2.5 hours) and then take a private vehicle 4 hours to Siguniang town where we will stay for the evening in local Tibetan style lodging.

D3:Siguniang town (altitude 3,100 meters)


The purpose of today is to adapt and acclimatize to the high altitude. There is no better place to do this than Siguniang town, a quaint Tibetan style village laden with monasteries. In addition to taking in the place, we will take an acclimatization hike to a higher altitude before heading back to Siguniang town for the evening at our Tibetan style lodging.

D4:Siguniang town to Peak One Base Camp (altitude 4,200 meters)



After a nice warm breakfast, we will set out for Peak One base camp. The hike to base camp is about 12 kilometers and will take about 5-6 hours. The scenery is magnificent as we fix our eyes on the snow-capped mountains while herdsmen guide their flocks through the grasslands in the distance. Tonight we will camp out in comfortable tents.

D5:Peak One Base Camp to Peak One Summit (altitude 5,025 meters) and trek to Peak Two Base Camp (altitude 4,300 meters)


Day five is a day we have all been waiting for, our first trekking summit day! We will set off from base camp at about 4 AM for the summit and hike about 3-4 hours to reach the summit by 8 AM. After enjoying the scenery we will hike back to Peak One base camp (about 2 hours) and from Peak One base camp we will hike about 2 hours to Peak Two base camp. There we will take a rest and later on enjoy a delicious dinner. Tonight we will camp out in comfortable tents.

D6:Peak Two Base Camp (altitude 4,300 meters)

Today is mainly a rest and recovery day between our two trekking peaks although we will take a short exploratory hike in the area. We will eat dinner and go to bed early in preparation for our next trekking peak in the next morning. Tonight once again we will camp out in comfortable tents.

D7:Peak Two Base Camp (altitude 4,300 meters) to Peak Two Summit (altitude 5,276 meters) and to Siguniang town (altitude 3,100 meters)

Day seven is another summit day as we will set off for the summit of Peak Two at about 3 AM. We will hike about 5-6 hours to reach the summit by about 8 or 9 AM. After enjoying the scenery we will hike back to base camp (about 3 hours) and from base camp hike back to Siguniang town (5 hours).

D8:Siguniang town to Chengdu (altitude 500 meters)




After a restful nights’ sleep and a hearty breakfast at our Tibetan style inn, we will drive about 4 hours from Siguniang town back to Chengdu. On the way back we will stop and see the famous pandas of China! In the evening we will have a dinner together and a celebratory night in the hotel eating the famous Chengdu hotpot.


D9:Chengdu to Beijing

Today we will fly 2.5 hours from Chengdu to Beijing where we can get settled into our hotel. If time permits we will visit a site of local interest. In the evening, we will enjoy our last meal together.

D10:Contingency Day

In the case of inclement weather or other reasons, we will reserve one contingency day.

D11:Departure from Beijing

You are free to head back to your respective destinations at any time on this day.

4 sisters mountain Sichuah.jpg(View from the summit of Peak Two)

11899991_10100217102342895_9195619612047220319_n.jpg(View on the trek of Peak One)

11863453_10100217103390795_4223022469577274799_n.jpg(Tibetan Buddhist prayer banners near Siguniang town)


The cost of an 11 day trek of Four Sisters Mountain Peak One and Peak Two is 3,000 USD per person for a group of 4 or more.

The price includes:

  • a professional English speaking guide
  • an assistant guide, all necessary porters and support crew
  • all necessary group equipment (tents, radios, satellite phone, etc.)
  • all necessary permits
  • accommodation at a 4 star hotel in Beijing and Chengdu
  • all accommodation and transportation after arrival in Beijing
  • 3 meals per day and all necessary non-alcoholic beverages after arrival in Beijing

The price does not include:

  • China visa fees
  • transport to and from Beijing
  • food and beverages outside of the 3 meals per day
  • alcohol
  • personal climbing gear (including sleeping bag and sleeping pad ~ technical climbing gear is not necessary)
  • personal climbing insurance

NB: A minimum number of 4 clients is necessary to carry-out the trip. We look forward to our expedition together to Four Sisters Mountain Peak One and Peak Two!