Mount Amne Machin Climbing Plan

Mount Amne Machin.png

Mount Amne Machin, elevation 6282 meters, is a sacred Buddhist mountain located in Qinghai Province. It is nestled amongst several other peaks of more than 5000 and 4000 meters and the scenery of mountains, rivers, and valleys is simply breath-taking. The climb of the mountain is very difficult and requires adequate knowledge of mountaineering and serious pre-departure preparations. For those willing to try their hand at Mount Amne Machin, they will be handed several challenges climbing ice faces, crossing glaciers, and maneuvering crevasses. The reward is great as few have ever set foot on the top of this sacred mountain.

Climbing Itinerary

D1:Arrival in Beijing, China

Check in to our luxury hotel and get settled in. Gear check. If time permits, visit a local sight of interest. Prepare for the next day’s travel.

D2:Travel from Beijing to Xining (2275 meters)

Fly from Beijing to Xining (3 hours) and enjoy the sites and delicious foods of Northwest, China. We will stay in luxury hotel.

D3:  Xining (2275 meters)

After a hearty breakfast, we will head to the mountains near Xining where we will do an acclimatization hike to help our bodies adjust to the higher altitude. Again, we will stay in a luxury hotel.

D3:Xining to Dawu Village (3800 meters)

Today we will drive from Xining about 480 km in about 8 hours to Dawu Vilalge where we will stay for the evening at a local inn. For dinner, we will enjoy local specialties which especially include lamb and yak. We continue to acclimatize as well.

D4:Dawu Village to Base Camp (4600 meters)

From Dawu Village we will drive another 100 kilometers in about 3 hours to the start of trailhead (elevation 4300 meters). Then we will hike approximately 3 hours to Base Camp where will sleep in a four season tent.

D5:Base Camp to 5400 meters for acclimatization/training to Base Camp (4600 meters)

In the morning, we will head to the glacier and climb to 5400 meters. Along the way we will practices the necessary climbing techniques for our later summit push. The climb to 5400 meters will also greatly help our acclimatization. After reaching 5400 meters we will head back to Base Camp practicing our descent techniques along the way. Tonight we will sleep in a four season tent at base camp.

D6:Rest Day at Base Camp (4600 meters)

Today we will take a very important rest day at base camp as we prepare to begin our summit push the next day. Again, we stay in our four season tents.

D7:Base Camp to Camp One (5780 meters)

In the morning after breakfast we will begin the first leg of our journey to the summit. The climb to Camp One is about 6 kilometers and will take about 5 hours. In the evening we stay once again in four season tents.

D8:Camp One to Camp Two (5670 meters)

Today during our climb we will actually drop 110 meters in elevation, but our route is necessary to get us to the point where we can make our summit push the very next day. Today’s climb is about 5 hours and we will stay in 4 season tents.

D9:Camp Two to Summit (6282 meters) to Base Camp

We will set out at about 2 AM for our climb to the summit and reach the summit before 10 AM. After enjoying the magnificent views of the summit and celebrating a feat few have accomplished, we will begin to go down the mountain to base camp. At Base Camp we can enjoy a celebratory meal before resting in our comfortable tents.

D10:Base Camp to Dawu Village (3800 meters)

After a hearty breakfast we will hike three hours out to the trailhead where our private transport will be waiting to take us to Dawu Village. The drive of 100 kilometers over 3 hours will well be worth the while as we will have a sumptuous feast waiting for us! Even better tonight we will have the comforts of staying at a local inn!

D11:Dawu Village to Xining (2275 meters)

Today we will be transported by private vehicle to Xining, the provincial capital of Qinghai Province. The journey is about 8 hours covering 480 kilometers. After arrival in Xining we will enjoy a fabulous dinner and an evening in a luxury hotel.

D12:Xining to Beijing

Today we will fly from Xining to Beijing (3 hours). After which, we will get checked into our hotel and enjoy a local site of interest if time permits. In the evening we will enjoy a final feast together!

D13/14:Contingency Days

In the case of inclement weather or other reasons, we will reserve two contingency days.

D15:Departure from Beijing

You are free to head back to your respective destinations at any time on this day.


The cost of a 15 day climb of Mount Amne Machin is 5000 USD per person for a group of 4 or more.

The price includes:

  • a professional English speaking guide
  • an assistant guide, all necessary porters and support crew
  • all necessary group equipment (tents, radios, satellite phone, etc.)
  • all necessary permits
  • accommodation at a 4 star hotel in Beijing and Xining
  • all accommodation and transportation after arrival in Beijing
  • 3 meals per day and all necessary non-alcoholic beverages after arrival in Beijing

The price does not include:

  • China visa fees
  • transport to and from Beijing
  • food and beverages outside of the 3 meals per day
  • alcohol
  • personal climbing gear (including sleeping bag and sleeping pad ~ technical climbing gear is not necessary)
  • personal climbing insurance

NB: A minimum number of 4 clients is necessary to carry-out the trip. We look forward to our expedition together to Amne Machin!