North Pole Trek Expedition Plan


Polar exploration and an ultimate adventure to the top of the world await you as

we trek together to the North Pole at 90° north latitude.


Each year fewer than 100 people reach the North Pole by foot.

Will you be one of the number?

North Pole Expedition Itinerary

D1 Fly from Beijing to Oslo (Norway)


Oslo is a truly magnificent city as it means “The Valley of the Gods.” Still sometimes looking as if it is preserved in the Middle Ages, it is a modern city that is the home to the Nobel Peace Prize.

D2 Oslo to Longyearbyen


Today we enter the Arctic as we arrive in far northern town of Longyearbyen.

D3 Longyearbyen


The purpose of today is preparation and rest as we prepare to trek to the North Pole.

D4 Fly from Longyearbyen to North Pole Base Camp (88° North Latitude)


Take the professional Arctic expedition aircraft AN-74 and fly to base camp. Fly time is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The Arctic expedition base camp, established by Russian explorer Dr. Bajarski, is the only expedition camp in the world at 88° north latitude. The camp is located above Arctic Ocean ice flows and is only open in April of each year for temperature reasons.

D5 From Base Camp to 89° North Latitude


As dictated by weather conditions, we will take a helicopter to 89° north latitude from where we will begin our trek to the North Pole.

D6-D11 Trek to the North Pole at 90° North Latitude



Day by day we get closer to the North Pole as we battle wind, cold, and fatigue. As well, shifting icebergs may take away a day’s progress overnight.

D12 Arrival at the North Pole


Today after a long journey we finally arrive at our destination — the North Pole! The North Pole is the hardest location to arrive at on the face of the earth and therefore is a cause for celebration! Toast with glacially iced-vodka to cap what has been an incredible journey. If weather permits we will take a helicopter directly back to North Pole Base Camp.

D13 Fly from North Pole Base Camp to Longyearbyen (88° North Latitude)


The celebration continues after we arrive at Longyearbyen and can enjoy the comforts of a hot shower, delicious food, and fine drinks!

D14 Longyearbyen to Oslo to Beijing

We make the return journey back to China with memories to last a lifetime.

Note: Due to weather an other unforeseen circumstances Summit Experiences reserves the right to change or alter the program in any way deemed necessary.

Registration Requirements

1. At least 14 years old.

2. Good health.

3. A good amount of outdoor experience.


The standard cost per participant is 385,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more. But we can offer you a discount of 35,000 RMB per person for a cost of 350,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more.

Cost Includes

  1. All food and lodging during the trip itinerary.
  2. All transportation during the trip itinerary (including helicopter fees).
  3. Insurance.
  4. All necessary group and safety equipment.
  5. Visa fees
  6. North Pole Certificate
  7. Local guide fees

Cost Does Not Include

  1. Transportation to Beijing at the beginning of the trip and transportation back to respective destinations upon arrival back in China
  2. Tips (it is estimated that each client should prepare 500 USD for tips as per local custom)
  3. Personal costs (overweight bags, private rooms, phone, internet, laundry, alcohol, personal expenses)
  4. Helicopter costs in the case of an emergency rescue
  5. Costs inquired if a client decides to leave the expedition in the midst of the trip
  6. Costs inquired in unforeseen circumstances, i.e., airline strikes, cancelled flights, natural disasters, etc.