Mt. Denali Expedition Plan

1200px-Mount_McKinley_Alaska.jpgMt. Denali, “Denali” as it is frequently called, is one of the world’s seven summits and the tallest mountain in North America with an elevation of 6,194 meters.

Besides Mt. Everest, Denali is the most most difficult of the Seven Summits. On our trip we will follow the West Buttress Route which is the traditional, and the safest, route to the summit.


It is important to choose wisely and choose to climb with Summit Experience.  Most Chinese companies do not have experience to likes of Summit Experience’s mountaineers Sun Bin and Bao Yi Fei. Other companies are usually only able to climb to 4,400 meters and then are forced to turn back due to fatigue, loss of climbing spirit, or poor planning.

Mt. Denali Itinerary

Day 1 Meet in Beijing and prepare to fly to Alaska

Day 2 Fly from Beijing to Seattle to Anchorage


  • After arrival in Anchorage we will go to our hotel for a delicious meal and then get some extra rest.

Day 3 Anchorage to Talkeetna


  • Today we will travel to Talkeetna where we will begin to take care of all the permit procedures and then continue to adjust to the time difference as we get ready to climb.

Day 4 Talkeetna


  • A day to rest, finish our procedures for the mountain permits, and enjoy the last bits of civilization before heading to Denali.
  • These dots represents people from all over the world that have come to climb Denali… Look how few are from China!

Day 5 to 22 Denali Mountain Plan

Day 5 Talkeetna to Base Camp (2200 meters)



  • From Talkeetna we will travel by prop plane to base camp.

Day 6 Base Camp to Camp One (2,800 meters)


  • Today we will climb from Base Camp to Camp One and gain 600 meters in altitude over 9 kilometers in about 6 hours of time. The primary focus for today is to feel what it is like to move in the deep snows of the glacier at an already high altitude.

Day 7 Base Camp to Camp Two (3200 meters)



  • A gain of 400 meters over 4 kilometers will take us about 4 hours. On the route, we will get our first taste of crevasse navigation.

Day 8 Camp Two to Camp Three (3,700 meters)



  • The climb for today is very steep, ascending 500 meters over 2.5 kilometers which we will travel in about 5 hours. On the route we have to be especially careful of avalanches. We will store some of our extra food at Camp Three.

Day 9 Camp Three to Camp Four 4,300 meters

  • Continuing the ascent of Denali the conditions get more difficult as we climb 4.6 kilometers and ascend 600 meters. The greatest difficulties include rock falls, avalanches, and the very cold temperatures and winds. At this elevation temperatures can drop to -30 Celsius and winds regularly blow at least at 80 kilometers/hour.

Day 10 Camp Four Acclimatization Day

  • Camp Four is the first chance to get a complete glance of the summit of Denali. It is also the most comfortable of the high camps. At Camp Four we will watch the weather and look for the best time to make our push to the summit.

Day 11 Camp Four to Camp Five (5,200 meters)

  • This is the most difficult climbing day of the entire trip thus far ascending 900 meters in just 2.6 kilometers and taking about 8 to 10 hours. Although it is difficult, it is by far the most beautiful scenery  on the trip thus far as we will catch glimpses of the Head Wall and Washburn’s Thumb. We will still have to be wary of the possibility of rock falls, avalanches, and crevasses.

Day 12 Camp Five to Denali Summit (6,194 meters) to Camp Five


  • Today is the day that all of us have been waiting for, summit day! It is imperative that we have excellent weather on this day and it will be the choice of our mountain guides as to who can make a summit push and when to make the summit push. After today’s long and arduous climb, we will stand on the top of North America.

D13 Camp Five to Base Camp


  • Today’s climb takes us down the mountain that we have so laboriously climbed as we go from Camp Five to Base Camp. Even though extremely fatigued, the joy of having reached the summit helps our every step!

Day 14 Base Camp to Talkeetna


  • Finally, we leave the magical wilderness lands of Denali and fly back to Talkeetna where a sumptuous meal and a toast of fine wine await us!

Day 15 to Day 22

  • Due to the unstable climate and all other variable conditions on Mt. Denali we have one week built in for contingency days. This allows us the most optimal timetable to safely reach Denali’s summit and descend without any problems.

Day 23 to 24 Talkeetna – Anchorage – Seattle – Bejing

  • Depending on the weather and our summit attempt timetable, we make our journey back to China.


The standard cost per participant is 198,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more. But we can offer you a discount of 20,000 RMB per person for a cost of 178,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more.

Cost Includes

The cost per participant includes airfare and arrangements from Beijing to Mount Denali and back to Beijing. As well this includes 3 meals a day, local transportation after arrival in Alaska, American guide fees, climbing permits, climbing certificate fees, and climbing insurance. The does not include arrival in Beijing transportation cost, departure from Beijing to respective destination cost, checked luggage above the weight limit, alcohol, personal porters, tips for local American guides, snacks, and other personal expenses.