Mt. Aconcagua Expedition Plan

Aconcagua_13.JPGMt. Aconcagua at 6,962 meters is the tallest mountain in the Western and Southern Hemisphere.


Aconcagua has several different climbing routes that cross several different types of terrain including rock, snow, and ice. Nonetheless, the biggest obstacle is ever-changing harsh weather at such a high altitude — especially the strong winds and extremely cold temperatures above Camp Two.


Aconcagua is situated near Mendoza, Argentina a region made famous for is superb wines, flashy dance, and savory meats.

Mt. Aconcagua Itinerary

Day One and Two – Travel Day


  • Meet in Beijing and then fly to Mendoza, Argentina

Day Three – Rest and Preparation Day

  • Rest day, equipment check, and day to process the climbing permits in Mendoza.

Day Four – Mendoza to Puente del Inca (2,725 meters)


  • Entrance to the mountains as we begin the approach to Mt. Aconcagua.

Day Five – Puente del Inca to Confluencia (3,300 meters)


  • Hike from Puente del Inca to Confluencia at 3,300 meters.

Day Six – Confluencia to Base Camp (4,300 meters)



  • Hike from Confluencia to Base Camp at 4,300 meters

Day Seven – Base Camp (4,300 meters)


  • Today is a rest and acclimatization day at base camp.

Day Eight – Base Camp to Camp One (5,050 meters)


  • Today we will move supplies from Base Camp to Camp One.

Day Nine – Camp One to Camp Two (5,560 meters) to Base Camp


  • Again, we will continue the process of moving supplies going from Camp One to Camp Two. After reaching Camp Two we will head back to Base Camp.

Day Ten and Eleven – Base Camp (4,300 meters)


  • Two final rest days at base camp before we begin the summit push.

Day Twelve – Base Camp to Camp One (5,050 meters)


  • The first leg of the summit push from Base Camp to Camp One.

Day Thirteen – Camp One to Camp Two (5,560 meters)


  • The second leg of the summit push from Camp One to Camp Two.

Day Fourteen – Camp Two to Camp Three (5,970 meters)


  • Continuing the ascent, we climb to Camp Three.

Day Fifteen – Camp Three to Summit (6,961 meters) to Camp Three


  • The most anticipated day of our trip, summit day! After reaching the summit we will return back to Camp Three for the night.

Day Sixteen – Camp Three to Base Camp


  • Today’s trek is a descent from Camp Three to Base Camp.

Day Seventeen – Base Camp to Mendoza


  • Today we will enjoy the pleasures of city life once again in the enchanting city of Mendoza.

Day Eighteen – Mendoza

  • Today is a special day to enjoy the finest wines in South America as we visit some of Mendoza’s vineyards.

Day Nineteen – Mendoza to Buenos Aires


  • A magnificent opportunity to visit the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, home to the most famous steaks in the world and arguably the best dance, the Tango.

Day Twenty – Buenos Aires


  • Today is a wonderful day as we continue to dive deeper into the magical city of Buenos Aires.

Day Twenty One – Buenos Aires to Beijing

  • Our trip finishes today and we head back to Beijing with memories to last a lifetime.

Note: Due to weather an other unforeseen circumstances Summit Experiences reserves the right to change or alter the program in any way deemed necessary.

Who can participate in the expedition?

All participants to Mount Aconcagua are required to be in good health, be regular exerciser, and at least 18 years of age.

As well, it is necessary to have had experience climbing a mountain at least 5,500 meters.


The standard cost per participant is 128,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more.

But we can offer you a discount of 18,000 RMB per person for a cost of 110,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more.

Cost Includes

The cost per participant includes airfare and arrangements from Beijing to Mount Aconcagua and back to Beijing. As well this includes 3 meals a day, local transportation after arrival in Argentina, climbing permits, climbing certificate fees, and climbing insurance.

The Cost Does Not Include

The does not include arrival in Beijing transportation cost, departure from Beijing to respective destination cost, checked luggage above the weight limit, alcohol, personal porters, tips for local Argentinian guides (as per local custom each client should prepare about $200 USD), snacks, internet fees, phone calls, laundry, and other personal expenses.