Climbing Vinson Massif and Trekking to the South Pole Expedition Plan


Climbing Antarctica’s Highest Peak Vinson Massif

Vinson Massif with an elevation of 4,892 meters is one of the seven summits, and although its altitude may seem low, it is one of the most difficult of the seven summits due to the extreme cold and fierce winds. Vinson Massif’s climbing season is from the end of November until the end of February. It’s climbing route includes a base camp and two high altitude camps. Adding to the difficulty of the climb is infamous head wall between Camp One and Camp Two and the long climb on summit day.


Trekking to the World’s Southernmost Point the South Pole

The South Pole with a latitude 90° south is the southern end of the axis of the Earth, and best known as “The End of the World”. Many adventurers  — in order to experience the conditions of the first two humans to reach the South Pole led by Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott respectively — choose to trek the last 110 kilometers from 89° south latitude to reach the geographic South Pole at 90° south latitude. Even today, more than a hundred years after Amundsen first landed on the South Pole, fewer than 100 Chinese have arrived at the South Pole.


Vinson Massif and South Pole Success

After a successful expedition in 2015 by Dian Feng’s owner and chief guide, Sun Bin, 2016 once again saw expedition success as Sun Bin and Bao Yi Fei successfully led 8 Chinese climbers to the top of Vinson Massif and to the geographic South Pole.

2017 (8 clients) and 2018 (4 clients) also brought successful expeditions as Summit Experience once again climbed to the top of Vinson Massif and reached the geographic South Pole.

Travel Itinerary

D1- D2 Fly from Beijing or Shanghai to Punta Arenas, Chile

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D3-D4 Punta Arenas, Chile


The sharp southern harbor of the world, Punta Arenas, a scenic city, is a jewel embedded in the Strait of Magellan and the southernmost town in the world. Here every year is a gathering place for explorers from all over the world to approach the Antarctic. The focus of our time here is pre-trip expedition environmental training, time to work out trip details, and time to explore the city’s own scenery.

D5 Punta Arenas to Union Glacier Base Camp


Today, we will take a four hour flight to Union Glacier Base Camp. The camp, created in 2010, is the home of many Antarctic expeditions and will be our headquarters during our Antarctic expedition. Managers at camp will explain to our team about the Antarctic weather conditions and arrangements for the Vinson Massif climb and the trek to the South Pole. Also, we will have detailed instructions on safety and rescue measures.

D6 Union Glacier Base Camp to Vinson Massif Base Camp


About a 1 hour flight Vinson Massif Base Camp at 78° south latitude.

D7 Vinson Massif Base Camp (2,100 meters)

Acclimatize and prepare to climb the mountain.

D8 Vinson Massif Base Camp to Camp One (2,700 meters)

The purpose of today is to climb to Camp One.

D9 Camp One

Rest and enjoy Camp One.

D10 Camp One to Camp Two (3,900 meters)

The purpose of today is to climb to Camp Two.

D11 Camp Two to Summit to Camp Two


Summit day, from Camp Two to the Summit requires about 12 hours. After which we will return to Camp Two.

D12 Camp Two to Vinson Massif Base Camp营地.JPG

Return to Vinson Massif Base Camp

D13 Vinson Massif Base Camp to Union Glacier Base Camp


Today we will take a plane about 1 hour to Union Glacier Base Camp.

D14- D15 Union Glacier Base Camp

Contingency days. Rest, prepare to trek to the South Pole, and watch for the best weather.

D16- D24 Trek to the South Pole



Fly about 4 hours to 89° south latitude. Each day weill trek about 15 to 18 kilometers on the ice and then campout. When we arrive at the South Pole (90° south latitude) we will visit the Amundsen – Scott Antarctic Station and fly back to Union Glacier Base Camp the same day.

D25-D26 Union Glacier Base Camp


Contingency and rest days.

D27 Union Glacier Base Camp to Punta Arenas


Flight back to Punta Arenas.

D28 Punta Arenas

Rest and enjoy the food and drink of Punta Arenas.

D29 Punta Arenas to Beijing/Shanghai

End of the expedition and return back to China. Or fly to Mendoza, Argentina to climb the tallest mountain in South America, Mount Aconcagua (as part of the Big Three – Vinson Massif, South Pole, and Mt. Aconcagua – package).

Registration Requirements

1. At least 12 years old

2. Good health.

3. A good amount of outdoor experience.


The standard cost per participant is 700,000 RMB for a group of 6 or more. But we can offer you a discount of 40,000 RMB per person for a cost of 660,000 RMB per person for a group of 6 or more.

Cost Includes

  1. All food and lodging during the trip itinerary.
  2. All transportation during the trip itinerary.
  3. Insurance.
  4. All necessary group and safety equipment.
  5. All climbing permits.
  6. Visa fees (Chinese nationals holding US or Canadian visa are exempt from Chile visa fees).
  7. Vinson Massif and South Pole Certificates.

Cost Does Not Include

The does not include arrival in Beijing/Shanghai transportation cost, departure from Beijing/Shanghai to respective destination cost, checked luggage above the weight limit, alcohol, private rooms, snacks, internet, phone, other personal expenses, and costs inquired in unforeseen circumstances, i.e., airline strikes, cancelled flights, natural disasters, etc.